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Possible cover for the SCAR Unit graphic novel

I’m still working it out with the artist but here is one of the looks I thinking about.possible graphic novel cover

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Book 3 is complete and I book 4 is next! I’ll have some photos from book 3 soon.

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More Comic Con hangover

As I mentioned in the previous post, Comic Con was fantastic. I had a booth the last couple of years promoting my book, I didnt get to walk around or see any of the panels. This year, upon walking in the floor I felt almost like it was my first year again. I was slightly overwhelmed. It didn’t take long to adjust though. I sat on some great panels dealing with promoting, what it takes to get into comics, and the state of digital comics. Thats the cool thing about going to Comic Con. You can meet a lot of people in the business and they don’t come as being stuck up. They are very much so approachable.

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End of another fantastic Comic Con!

After sitting behind a boo for the last two years promoting my book, I welcomed the chance to walk the floors to talk to publishers, bloggers, and shop dealers. It was great! I went to some great panels.

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Comic Con!

Yesterday was pretty good. Its on to day two

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Comic con is here!

I’m getting excited!!!!

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Books one and two are out. I’m finishing up third and fourth book and looking to roll out the graphic novel in September in time to make its convention debut at the APE Con in October.

I got San Diego Comic Con coming up in July. I always get geeked up for this show. Whether I’m selling something or taken in the panel, I’m never disappointed.

I plan on showing the book to several publishers and distributers as well.

It’s also a good time to support a buddy of mine, Walter Gatus. He is currently working on Transformers Beast Hunter.

Come back later for feedback on my experience on the convention floor.

If you want to get a head start on the graphic novel before it comes out? Check out the first book by clicking on the “Books” tab.

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